Greensboro Could Fight Police Discrimination Ruling

10:49 PM, Aug 3, 2007   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- The city of Greensboro could fight a ruling that found the police department discriminated against black officers.

In a letter thursday, the equal employment opportunity commission ruled in favor of 41 officers.
The finding is tied to the infamous "black book."

That book contained pictures of black officers and was allegedly used for frivolous investigations.

The discrimination happened under former Chief David Wray.

But a council member says Greensboro should not be held accountable.

Mike Barber said, "This wasn't an action by the city of Greensboro. This was an action of someone acting outside the scope of employment and the city should not be responsible for that. "

"Most importantly, when the city discovered something potentially inappropriate occurred, the city acted swiftly and appropriately and addressed the issue," he said.

The officers could be awarded millions of dollars.

The city sets aside money to pay for legal damages.

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