City Manager and Wray Attorney Battle Over Resignation

10:48 PM, Sep 21, 2007   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- The city of Greensboro and David Wray's lawyer are battling over how Wray left office.

Wray's attorney says the city didn't treat him fairly.

The city manager says Wray didn't tell the truth and Wray chose to resign. 

This all came out in a newspaper column written by Wray's attorney titled "The Real Story Behind David Wray's Resignation."

In the column, Kenneth Keller says former Chief Wray wasn't given a chance to defend himself against allegations of racial profiling.

Wray resigned in January 2006 as the city investigated the now defunct special intelligence unit.

This week, two former officers of that unit were charged with obstruction of justice.

An independent report states Wray knew about the unit's actions.

Wray's attorney says he's innocent and had no choice but to resign.

The column discussing the resignation appeared in Friday's News & Record.

In it, Attorney Kenneth Keller says Greensboro's city manager refused to meet with David Wray to discuss racial allegations in the police department.

Keller said Wray refused to make a public statement drafted by the city attorney.

That letter gave notice of his immediate resignation and required wray take full responsibility for errors in judgment.

Wray's attorney says these factors left his client no choice but to resign.

But the city manager refuted that claim in a news conference Friday.

"He was not fired. He was not forced to resign. He was not publicly humiliated by publicly being stripped of his gun and badge, " Johnson said.

City Manager Mitchell Johnson says Wray decided not to provide information on the Special Intelligence Unit.

An independent report states Wray most likely knew officers in that unit were unfairly investigating black officers.

As a result of that report, the city manager locked Wray out of his office and informed Wray he was going to be put on administrative leave.

Mitchell Johnson said, "That idea that David was going to take the hit as a result of this is ludicrous. Mr. Wray made the decision himself on all of his actions."

Today, the city council released documents related to the investigation that lead to Wray's resignation.

One of them is a memo from Wray to the city manager indicating that he investigated claims of misconduct and found no wrongdoing.

Wray faces no criminal charges.


Read some of the documents related to the investigation (pdf)

Memo - Wray Administration Investigations Into Misconduct

Proposed Statement For Wrays Resignation

City Managers Statement To Wray At News Conference

Memos Responding To Wray's Attorney's Newspaper Column

Investigation Into Allegations Of Internal Misconduct

Johnson Memo To Wray About Employment Decisions

RMA Letter To Linda Miles

Chief Bellamy Memo About Employee Concerns 

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