More Documents Released In Greensboro Police Investigation

5:58 PM, Oct 3, 2007   |    comments
  • Former Police Chief David Wray
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Greensboro, NC -- Greensboro's City Council released more documents and audio conversations at its meeting Tuesday night.

City manager Mitch Johnson says they show Detective Scott Sanders questioning people about one of former police chief David Wray's neighbors.

Johnson says Sanders told people he interviewed he was investigating terrorism issues, when Johnson says he just wanted to find reasons to get Wray's neighbor removed.

"And a lot of what we do, we, we bring in complaints that are, that could be terrorist-related and we look at the face value of 'em," Sanders says in one of the audio clips.

The council also released reports about investigations into Lt. James Hinson. Johnson says they show Wray misled the public and City Council by indicating he was investigation serious allegations against Hinson. Johnson says Hinson had already been cleared of those allegations.

Click here to hear the audio and read the released documents.

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