Moonshine Festival Takes Over Madison Streets

12:05 AM, Nov 22, 2009   |    comments
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Madison, NC -- The Southern Culture Society hosted the state's first moonshine festival called, ShineFest. People had a chance to taste the moonshine and see how it's made. Eric Kernodle had a chance to try some and said, "it's really smooth, doesn't burn too much."

Piedmont Distillery makes the moonshine and festival organizers say they are the only legal producer of moonshine in the state. Joe Michalek from piedmont distillery tells us "The big difference between the illegal variant and what we make here is that we're licensed, we're permitted by the state and the federal government. We make it in small batches and in almost 100 percent corn. And the other thing is that we make it at 80 proof instead of 100 plus proof."

Moonshine is a part of North Carolina's history. Moonshiners use to fix up their cars to outrun the revenuers. The drivers would then take their cars on the weekends and race them to see who was the best driver. These weekend races branched out farther and farther to become the NASCAR of today.

The Shine Festival will also take place on November, 22 between noon and 5:30 pm.
































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