NC State Trooper Rescues Four Toddlers From Burning Minivan

10:19 PM, Sep 14, 2010   |    comments
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Robeson County, NC -- A state trooper followed his instincts and saved the day, when he stopped to help a woman who's minivan broke down.

Jessica White Depriest had her four small children in her minivan when it broke down last week on I-95 in Robeson County.

Trooper Alan Humphrey spotted the minivan and went to help. Jessica said she was okay and her parents and a wrecker would be there in about an hour. But Humphrey just couldn't leave her.

And after about five or six minutes, the engine caught fire.

Humphrey got two children out and put them in his patrol car. A motorist with a fire extinguisher stopped to help. It slowed the flames down enough so trooper Humphrey could snatch the other two children from the van.

"All of a sudden, the gas tank exploded and i lost everything I had," said Depriest. "Had he not been there, I would have been sitting in the car waiting for my parents and we would have burned to death."

In the customary modesty you get from those in uniform, Trooper Humphrey says he was just doing his job.



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