Mack Trucks' CEO Denny Slagle Featured On CBS' Undercover Boss

7:59 AM, Feb 21, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- The president and CEO of Greensboro-based Mack Trucks went undercover in the CBS show Undercover Boss.

The episode aired Sunday night on WFMY News 2, but last week CEO Denny Slagle met up with WFMY News 2's Tanya Rivera to talk about the experience and give the behind-the-scenes scoop.

WATCH: See the full episode featuring Mack Trucks

It started with an April Fools' Day email he ignored at first, but later decided it was worth a shot.

Slagle said he tried to disguise his voice, but was worried because of all of the production going into the nationally-broadcasted show.

"I had to come out of disguise for half a day, deliver a power point presentation and get back on the place and go back undercover," Slagle said.

One of Slagle's undercover jobs was to work on the factory line. He admits he wasn't a good factory worker, but doesn't mind having a good laugh at his expense.

SLIDESHOW: Images of Slagle in business, undercover and with family

He said he is a better manager after his undercover experience and learned much more about his company.

"The show gave me a very deep understanding of what we do not only affects the employee and their families, but also affects their community," Slagle said in reference to his company's products being made in the USA.

He learned his drive for business from his father, a World War II POW, who marched back home after the war and built his own small business from nothing.

"I'd like to see the country continue to be the type of country that offers opportunities to people where ever you come from in life."

Slagle said his experience refined his personal mission -- to honor his past, take care of his present and plan well for the future.

Slagle was named CEO in April 2008 while the company headquarters was still based in Allentown, PA.  The headquarters was moved to Greensboro in September 2009, bringing Slagle back to his roots. He grew up in western North Carolina where he met his wife, Karen, in the 7th grade.

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